Lake Lorain [Five Mile Lake] 2007-2013 Sailboat Races at bottom
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Historical Picture Album

This map from the Atlas of Wayne County dates  from 1872.  Lake Lorain was known as Five Mile Pond.  You will notice that the roads of today do not exist.  PA Route 370 that connects Orson with Poyntelle did not exist.  Orson did not exist but Hines Corners, named after the first settlers is a prominent landmark.  Today's route 670 was a main road then known as the Belmont Turnpike.  The names of the residents at that time are indicated along with the schools.  Orson Pond is smaller because the dam was not constructed.  Five Mile Pond has a slightly different shape since the water level was higher causing it to cover the low areas adjacent to the lake.  The level of the lake was lowered to relocate the outlet when the O & W railroad was constructed in the 1880's.

Impact of the New York Ontario and Western Railroad

The NYO&W railroad was primarily a route from the New York City area to upstate New York.  It was a financial failure from the beginning.  To gain more traffic the railroad constructed the Scranton Division in the 1880s.  Anthracite coal in Northeastern Pennsylvania was in demand throughout the east and the O&W built a route from Cadosia NY to Scranton through difficult terrain.  The rail line went right by Five Mile Lake and hit its highest elevation there about 2060 feet.  The steep grade from Forest City and the heavy weight of the coal necessitated "pusher" locomotives.  These would disconnect at Five Mile Lake and back into the "old Wye" to turn around and return to Forest City to assist another train.

This railroad map shows the old wye and the spur to the ice house at Five Mile Lake.  The golf course is at the upper left today.  The lake is at the lower right.  The mainline continues to Poyntelle to the left and to Forest City to the right.  This map is from about 1910.  Notice that the spur to the ice house runs along the shore of the lake past the massive ice house foundation and continues to the "boat ramp".







Fishing at the lake about 100 years ago.
Steamboat at the beach

Winter was a challenge

This is the snowplow used to clear the rail line.  It is shown parked at the "Pleasant Mount" station which was actually at the location of the Agway store at Herrick.  Two locomotives pushed this plow to ram the drifts to open the line.  The section from Orson to Poyntelle was notorious for deep snow.
On March1, 1920, two Bullmoose locomotives tried to clear the line near Orson Pond with the plow.  One of the engines derailed and went into Orson Pond.  The pond was drained and the engine was eventually returned to the rails.

Satellite Picture April 14, 1992 [snow drifts remain at beach]

Pictures from the Modern era  
1958 showing the beach with hot dog stand now Mary Ellen Smith's cottage.
1970's Sailboat race winners at Baker's now Cullen's

This picture is from the summer of 1956 when lots were first sold at the lake.  Notice the area around the tavern was clear of trees.  This was before the golf course was created.  A sharp eye will reveal a barn to the right of the tavern at the edge of the lake.  This was inhabited by "Socks", a hermit and a horse.

This view looks toward the beach and shows the hot dog stand.  It is taken from the site of the Grambo house which was built in 1957.
These winter scenes are from about 1960 after the present road into the lake was opened.  The old road came into the lake along the railroad and past the outlet.  Winter was still a challenge.

Sailboat Races Return To the Lake 2007

More Race Pictures

Place Race 1 Race2 Race3 Final Points
1 Ron Ron Pete Pete 5
2 Pete Pete Mark Ron 6
3 Mark Tim Ralph Mark 9
4 Ralph Mark Ron Ralph 13
5 Tim Marty Bill Tim 16
6 Marty Ralph Jeff Marty 18
7 Jeff Jeff Marty Jeff 20
8 AR Bill Tim Bill 20
9 Bill AR AR AR 20

Sailboat Races 2008


Place Race 1 Race 2 Race3 Final Points
8 NICK A.R. NICK 24. A.R.

Sailboat Races - 2009

Place Race1 Race2 Race3 Final Points
1 Pete Ron Tim 6. Pete
2 Tim Pete Bill 9. Ron
3 Ron Ralph Pete 12. Tim
4 Mark A.R. Mike 14. Bill
5 Bill Ted Ron 16. Ralph
6 A.R. Mike Ralph 18. A.R.
7 Ralph Bill Mark 19. Mark
8 Marty Mark A.R 20. Mike
9 Ted Tim Ted 23. Ted
10 Mike Marty Marty 28. Marty

More 2009 Sailboat Race Pictures

Sailboat Races - 2010

Place Race1 Race2 Race3 Final Points
1 Ralph Pete Tim 6.Tim
2 Pete Tim Mark 7. Pete
3 Tim Ron Ralph 9. Ralph
4 Mark Mark Pete 10. Mark
5 Ron Ralph Ron 14. Ron
6 Marty. A.R. A.R. 19. A.R.
7 A.R. Marty Marty 20. Marty


Sailboat Races - 2011


Place Race1 Race2 Race3 Final Points
1 Nick Ron Tim 7. Tim
2 Mike N Pete Bill 9. Pete
3 Tim Tim Pete 10. Mike N
4 Pete Mike N Mike N 12. Ron
5 Mark Ralph Ron 12. Bill
6 Ron Mark Jeff 16 Nick
7 A.R. Nick Mark 18 Mark
8 Bill Bill Nick 23 Ralph
9 Ralph Jeff Ralph 25.Jeff
10 Jeff Marty A.R. 30. A.R.
11 Len Len Marty 34. Len
12 Mike M Mike M Len 34. Marty
13 Marty A.R. Mike M 37. Mike M

Additional Pictures

Sailboat Races - 2012



Place Race 1 Race 2 Race3 Final Points
1 Pete Mike Jr Ron Pete 6
2 Mark Pete Ralph Mike Jr 12
3 Nick Mark Pete Nick 13
4 Nicolaus Nick Mark Mark 13
5 Jeff A.R. Mike Jr Ralph 17
6 Mike Jr Mike Sr Nick Nicolaus 18
7 Bill Ralph Mike Sr Ron 23
8 Ralph Jeff Mark Mike Sr 24
9 Ron Marty Bill A.R. 25
10 A.R. Nicolaus A.R. Jeff 25
11 Mike Sr Bill Marty Bill 27
12 Marty Len Jeff Marty 32
13 Len Ron Len Len 33

More Pictures

Great Telephoto action shots and a movie!

Sailboat Races--2013


Stern Security Award

Between Races

2013 Races        
Ron 5      
Mike Jr 7      
Pete/Vaughn 11      
Nicolaus 16      
Mark 16      
Ralph 17      
Jeff 18      
Nick 18      
A/R 26      

Lake Lorain Sailboat Races 2014

Mike Natishak winner

Mike 5
Nicolas 11
Ron 12
Mark 13
A/R 13
Vaughn 18
Ralph 20
Trey/Pete 21
Bill 23
Marty 29


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