Member's Artwork and Models

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Don Rast


Jerry Barnes

Here's some pictures of my model of the gun truck Brutus. I got the info from 3 guys that were on her. Dennis Bebout shared some pix and I talked to him on the phone a few times to clarify details. I feel the model is an accurate rendition of how it looked at one time. Like all the gun trucks, it went thru many 'stages' with each crew. It was often in my convoys to Pleiku. I like modeling the ones with good graphics and colors(I'm an art teacher).

Here's some pictures of Satan's Chariot, I made it for Charles Sims. He was a NCOIC on it. I had several e-mails from him and he sent pix and diagrams of the box, so it is a very accurate model of it. He really liked it.



James Lyles

I won First Place in WHEEL AND HALF-TRACK VEHICLES and BEST OF SHOW this past Sunday at the SPRING CREATIONS 2001 model contest here in Jacksonville, Florida. This model is 1/35th scale and 90% scratch built. James Lyles (member)