124th Transportation Terminal Command

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97th Heavy Boat Company

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10th Transportation Battalion 24th Transportation Battalion
Terminal Terminal
65-70 66-72

This table shows information on the transportation companies located in the 124TC area. It shows their assignment to transportation battalions in 1968. Some companies were moved and reassigned several times. The data comes from Shelby Stanton's Order of Battle and information contributed by ATAV members.
Can't Find Your Company? Check the Crossreference Table Unit citations awarded by the U.S. cover specific time periods which may be found in DA Pamphlet 672-3. Many units were awarded multiple citations.
Companies and Detachments Type Dates Typical Location
HHC 124 Trans Command Headquarters 66-72 Cam Ranh Bay
10th Transportation Battalion
97th Trans Heavy Boat 65-72 Cam Ranh Bay
123rd Trans Terminal Service 65-68 Cam Ranh Bay
155th Trans Terminal Service 65-72 Cam Ranh Bay
165th Trans LARC 65-72 Cam Ranh Bay
870th Trans Terminal Service 66-72 Cam Ranh Bay
1097th Trans Medium Boat 65-69 Cam Ranh Bay-Dong Tam
24th Transportation Battalion
24th Trans Light Truck 66-72 Cam Ranh Bay
442nd Trans Medium Truck 66-72 Cam Ranh Bay
566th Trans Medium Truck 67-72 Cam Ranh Bay-Can Tho
592nd Trans Light Truck 66-72 Cam Ranh Bay
670th Trans Medium Truck 65-71 Cam Ranh Bay
Other Cam Ranh Area Units
61st Trans Medium Petroleum Truck 65-69 Cam Ranh Bay
82nd Trans Amphibious Direct Support 65-66 Cam Ranh Bay
116th Trans Terminal Service 65-69 Cam Ranh Bay
172th Trans Medium Truck 68-69 Cam Ranh Bay
344th Trans LARC 65-67 Cam Ranh Bay
360th Trans Medium Petroleum Truck 66-72 Cam Ranh Bay
410th Trans Terminal Service 66-68 Cam Ranh Bay
545th Trans Light Truck 66-72 Cam Ranh Bay
588th Trans Depot 66-68 Cam Ranh Bay
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For More Pictures at Cam Ranh Bay from Darryl Graney

The following material is excerpted and edited from: U.S.Army Transportation Corps in Republic of Vietnam U.S. Army Transportation School, Fort Eustis, VA 1969.

Four U. S. Army Transportation Terminal Commands operating in three major areas in RVN provide command for the terminal and water transport units operating in RVN. By referring to figure 16 you can see the general area of operations of the four terminal commands. The areas of operation fall within three Corps Tactical Zones of Vietnam. The 5th Transportation Terminal Command provides support for the northern half of the II CTZ, the 124th TTC supports the southern half of the II CTZ, and the 4th TTC supports the III and IV CTZ. The other terminal command (125th TTC) provides assistance to the commercial port activities and the military operations within the Port of Saigon.

NHA TRANG is the site of the over-the-beach and a DeLong Pier operation. The 124th Terminal Command presently has the responsibility for this operation. During the French occupation of Indo-China it was a popular resort center and probably has the most beautiful beach in South Vietnam

CAM RANH BAY About 20 miles south of Nha Trang and 180 miles north of Saigon is Cam Ranh Bay. Before the buildup, Cam Ranh Bay was a desolate sandy stretch of dunes with no towns of consequence. But this vast stretch of emptiness had the finest, best protected natural deep-draft harbor in Southeast Asia. Deep-draft ships can now be worked at any of the six piers, two for offloading ammo and petroleum, or be anchored in the harbor to have their cargo put ashore by lighterage.

VUNG RO BAY South of Cam Ranh Bay and under the control of the 124th Transportation Terminal Command is Port Lane at Vung Ro Bay. It is a small company size operation with one DeLong pier capable of handling two deep-draft vessels, and a stream discharge operation utilizing barges, LCMs', and LARCs.

PHAN RANG Also under the 124th and just south of Vung Ro Bay is Phan Rang. It is strictly a beach operation capable of discharging barges and landing-type ships. The discharge is a contract operation with a transportation terminal detachment performing the documentation.

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