125th Transportation Terminal Command

Vietnam's Busiest Port

The ATAV President, Rick Phillips, is shown with the 125th TC as a PFC standing in back of the warehouse on the southwest side of Saigon Port toward Camp Davies. Taken in June or July 1967. The wooden barges or junks [Ghe] are actually Lighters. Some of them take on cargo from discharging ships in Saigon port. Families live on them for a lifetime.

The following material is excerpted and edited from: U.S.Army Transportation Corps in Republic of Vietnam U.S. Army Transportation School, Fort Eustis, VA 1969.

Operating under the 4th Terminal Command is a smaller Terminal Command, the 125th Transportation Terminal Command (A). It is tasked with the job of assisting and advising the Vietnamese Director General of Ports, while at the same time they work with the Saigon Port Authority to improve procedures and overall efficiency of the port. Additionally the 125th discharges all military interest and U. S. Agency for International Development (USAID) cargo through three deep-draft berths still under U. S. Army Control. These berths are in what is known as the M&M area of the Saigon Port, so called for the French Firm Messageries Maritimes which originally built the area. A transportation terminal service company has this mission.

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