[We are compiling material related to the service of Army Transportation Units during the Vietnam War. The major command structure used during that period is presented below with a separate page for each major unit. Any additions, contributions or corrections that you could make would be appreciated . Personal stories and pictures are especially welcome. Transportation units attached to Divisions and MACV are also part of our history. Please emailRalph Grambo if you think you can provide interesting items.]

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Ist Log Command

Y-Vessels and Petroleum Distribution in Vietnam
Petroleum Distribution in I Corps from Joe Grillo

The 1st Log Command was huge and directed almost all the support activities for USARV Divisions and other activities. Most of us wore or were supposed to wear the "leaning shithouse" patch. Practically all Transportation Corps units were under 1st Log except for the 34th Group [under USARV and the 507 Group [TMA MACV]. During 1966, 1st Log became the largest single major command in Vietnam as its military personnel strength increased to more than 50,000.

So most of the visitors to the ATAV site will find more detailed and relevant information available under the other insignia or patches.

Here are the Battle Casualties for the 1st Log.

Killed in Action/Died - 591

Wounded in Action - 1,498

The following material is excerpted and edited from: U.S.Army Transportation Corps in Republic of Vietnam U.S. Army Transportation School, Fort Eustis, VA 1969.

The First Logistical Command is a major subordinate command under U.S. Army Vietnam. The headquarters of this unit is located on the outskirts of Saigon. The Command mission is to provide all supplies and services to include medical required by U.S. Forces in Vietnam. To assist the Log Command in the accomplishment of its mission it has assigned to it four support commands located at Da Nang, Qui Nhon, Cam Ranh Bay, and Saigon.

The Da Nang support operation has a strength of 5, 000 men. They support the Americal Division, 108th Artillery Group, and elements of the lst Cavalry, 82d and lOlst Airborne Divisions.

Qui Nhon, with a strength of 15, 000 men, sustains more than 130, 000 allied fighting men deployed throughout the II Corps Tactical Zone. Their 53-mile long fuel pipeline to An Khe saves the movement of more than 1, 700 tanker loads over 175,000 miles of roads every month. .

Cam Ranh Bay Support Command provides logistical support for a brigade of the 4th Infantry Division, the lst Brigade, 101st Airborne Division, and parts of the Korean 9th Division.

Saigon Support Command is the largest of the four commands with a strength of 22, 000 men. It supports nearly 200, 000 troops in the III and IV Corps Tactical Zones (CTZ).

Each of the four support commands is a major logistical island, self-sufficient and capable of acting independently within its own sphere of operations in order to provide responsive, continuous, and uninterrupted support. All of the commands are charged with ensuring that the combat

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