319th Transportation Company
Georgia Reservists 1968-1969

Quan Loi, Vietnam, January 1969.

An Army Reserve Historical Painting

The 319th Transportation Company returns fire when one of their trucks is disabled during a Viet Cong ambush.

This Army Reserve unit from Augusta, Ga., is transporting ammunition and rations to the First Infantry Division near the Cambodian border. Between September1968 and July1969, the 319th was ambushed seven times while hauling supplies more than 1.1 million miles. They suffered one casualty and received a meritorious unit citation and numerous individual awards. More than 100,000 individual members of the Army Reserve served on active duty each year from 1967 to 1971, many in southeast Asia. In addition, 42 Army Reserve units were mobilized in 1968, with 35 going to Vietnam.

Dedication of Reserve Center