500th Transportation Group [CRB Support Command]

This Truck Group had the mission of providing motor transport operations in southern II Corps under the control of the Cam Ranh Bay Support Command. Although this command was probably intended to be the major supply source for all of Vietnam, Saigon remained the center of activity. The 500th Group was reorganized out of existence as a motor transport unit and the truck battalions were reassigned. The 39th Battalion moved to Tuy Hoa, then Phan Rang and finally way up north to Danang area. The 39th Battalion is included here although it really moved around.

36th Transportation Battalion 39th Transportation Battalion 57th Transportation Battalion
Motor Transport Motor Transport Motor Transport
66-70 66-72 66-72
Getting there is Half the Fun and Orientation
First Convoy
Combat Trucking
Can't Find Your Company? Check the Crossreference Table Unit citations awarded by the U.S. cover specific time periods which may be found in DA Pamphlet 672-3. Many units were awarded multiple citations.
Company Type Dates Typical Location
36th Transportation Battalion
442nd Trans Medium Truck 66-72 Cam Ranh Bay
515th Trans Light Truck 65-72 Cam Ranh Bay
529th Trans Light Truck 67-69 Cam Ranh Bay
670th Trans Medium Truck 67-71 Cam Ranh Bay
39th Transportation Battalion [associated by location]
63rd Trans Light Truck 65-71 Phu Bai
585th Trans Medium Truck 66-71 Phu Bai
630th Trans Medium Truck 68-69 Phu Bai
863rd Trans Medium Truck 66-70 Phu Bai
57th Transportation Battalion [associated by location]
57th Trans Light Truck 67-71 Chu Lai
163rd Trans Light Truck 65-67 Chu Lai
Other Cam Ranh TC Units
119th Trans Terminal Service 65-71 Vung Ro Bay
172nd Trans Medium Truck 68-69 Cam Ranh Bay
360th Trans Medium Petroleum Truck 66-72 Cam Ranh Bay
379th Trans Medium Petroleum Truck 68-72 Cam Ranh Bay
545th Trans Light Truck 66-72 Cam Ranh Bay
588th Trans Depot 66-68 Cam Ranh Bay
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