Current US Ship designations (Navy, Coast Guard, Army, Air Force)

from William G. Sadler;

USAF and Army designations are more informal than Navy designations and

are essentially nothing more than an accounting system.



BC Cargo Barge (*)

BCDX Enclosed Barge (*)

BD Floating Crane (*)

BDL Beach Discharge Lighter

BG Liquid Cargo Barge (*)

BK Cargo Barge (*)

BPL Elevating Pier (*)

BR Refrigerated Barge (*)

FB Ferry

FMS Marine Repair Shop (*)

FS Freight and Supply Vessel

FSR Refrigerated Freight and Supply Vessel

HLS Heavy Lift Ship

J Small Work Boat

LARC Amphibious Cargo Lighter

LCM Mechanized Landing Craft

LCU Utility Landing Craft

LCV Vehicle Landing Craft

LT Large Tug

Q Work Boat

SBA Aerostat Tender

ST Small Tug

T Inshore Transport

Y Liquid Cargo Vessel


USS = United States Ship (Naval vessel manned by military personnel)

USNS = United States Naval Ship (Vessel manned by civilian crew)

USCGC = United States Coast Guard Cutter

MTS = Moored Training Ship (ex SSBNs converted to training hulks)

Non self propelled craft are marked with an asterisk (*)


CVN Nuclear Powered Aircraft Carrier

CV Aircraft Carrier

CGN Nuclear Power Guided Missile Cruiser

CG Guided Missile Cruiser

DDG Guided Missile Destroyer

DD Destroyer

FFG Guided Missile Frigate

FF Frigate

SSBN Nuclear Powered Ballistic Missile Submarine

SSN Nuclear Powered Submarine

**Other Combatants, Patrol Boats and Landing Craft:

LCC Command Ship

AGF Flagship

LHD Amphibious Assault Ship

LHA Amphibious Assault Ship

LPH Amphibious Assault Helicopter Carrier

LKA Amphibious Cargo Ship

LPD Amphibious Transport Dock

LSD Dock Landing Ship

LST Tank Landing Ship

AOE Fast Combat Support Ship

AOR Replenishment Oiler

AE Ammunition Ship

AFS Combat Stores Ship

AO Fleet Oiler

MCS Mine Countermeasures Support Ship

MCM Mine Countermeasures Ship

MHC Coastal Minehunter

PC Coastal Patrol Craft

LCAC Air Cushion Landing Craft

LCM Mechanized Landing Craft

LCPL Large Personnel Landing Craft

LCU Utility Landing Craft

LCVP Vehicle and Personnel Landing Craft

SDV Swimmer Delivery Vehicle

SLWT Side Loading Warping Tug


ACS Crane Ship

AD Destroyer Tender

AG Auxiliary

AGM Missile Range Instrumentation Ship

AGOR Oceanographic Research Ship

AGOS Ocean Surveillance Ship

AGS Surveying Ship

AGSS Experimental Submarine

AK Cargo Ship

AH Hospital Ship

AKR Roll-on/Roll-off (Vehicle) Cargo Ship

AOG Gasoline Tanker

AOT Transport Oiler

ARC Cable Ship

ARS Salvage Ship

AS Submarine Tender

ATF Fleet Tug

ATS Salvage Tug

AVB Aviation Logistics Support Ship

**Support Craft

AFDB Large Floating Drydock (*)

AFDL Small Floating Drydock (*)

AFDM Medium Floating Drydock (*)

ARD Repair Dock (*)

ARDM Medium Repair Dock (*)

APL Floating Barracks (*)

DSRV Deep Submergence Rescue Vehicle

DSV Deep Submergence Vehicle

IX Unclassified Miscellaneous

NR Nuclear Powered Research Submersible (unofficial designation)

TWR Torpedo Retriever (unofficial designation)

YAG Miscellaneous Service Craft

YC Lighter (*)

YCF Car Float (*)

YCV Aircraft Transportation Lighter (*)

YD Floating Crane (*)

YDT Diving Tender (*)

YF Covered Lighter

YFB Ferry

YFN Covered Lighter (*)

YFNB Large Covered Lighter (*)

YFND Dry Dock Companion Craft (*)

YFNX Special Purpose Lighter (*)

YFP Power Barge (*)

YFRT Range Tender (*)

YFU Harbor Utility Craft (*)

YGN Garbage Barge (*)

YLC Salvage Lift Craft (*)

YM Dredge

YMN Dredge (*)

YNG Gate Craft (*)

YO Oil Barge

YOG Gasoline Barge

YOGN Gasoline Barge (*)

YON Oil Barge (*)

YOS Oil Storage Barge (*)

YP Seamanship Training Craft

YPD Pile Driver (*)

YR Repair Barge (*)

YRB Repair and Berthing Barge (*)

YRBM Repair, Berthing, and Messing Barge (*)

YRDH Hull Repair Barge (*)

YRDM Machinery Repair Barge (*)

YRR Radiological Repair Barge (*)

YRST Salvage Craft Tender (*)

YSR Sludge Removal Barge (*)

YTB Large Tug

YTL Small Tug

YTT Torpedo Trials Craft

YW Water Barge

YWN Water Barge (*)

Coast Guard

WHEC High Endurance Cutter

WMEC Medium Endurance Cutter

WPB Patrol Boat

WFCI Fast Coastal Interceptor

WAGB Icebreaker

WIX Sail Training Ship

WLB Seagoing Buoy Tender

WLM Coastal Buoy Tender

WLI Inland Buoy Tender

WLIC Inland Construction Tender

WLR River Buoy Tender

WTGB Large Icebreaking Tug

WYTL Small Harbor Tug

Air Force

B Barge (*)

C Mechanized Landing Craft

D Dredge (*)

DT Dredge Tender

L Amphibious Cargo Lighter

MR Missile Retriever

P Personnel Boat

PR Parasail Training Craft

TG Tug

TR Training/Recovery Boat

U Utility Boat

* = non self-propelled