Dirty Bitch


Eugene Strecker, Sgt.
848th QM Pol Plt.
Quang Tri 70-71


Found some more photos of the crew of the Dirty Bitch.  I'll try to give
info as they appear. 
001.jpg is members of my crew at an unknown
location.  The big guy with the boonie hat I don't recall his name.  One
the left is last name, "Justin" .  On the right with the camera around his
neck is last name, "Ritz" from Wisconsin.  Both were machine gunners.

002.jpg is me next to the Bitch which is on a barge crossing the water in
the area of Phu Bai where we escorted a convoy.  Two guys on the truck were
not regular members of my crew and went along because we went to Phu Bai
where there was a beach.
Funny story along the way, we stopped at a one way bridge and were throwing
c-rats to the kids when one took the jack and air hose from under the
driver's side jockey box.  I took a bicycle from a guy nearby and told him
we would return in 3 days.  If he was there with my jack and air hose, I
would return his bike.  Three days later we crossed the same bridge and
guess what, there was the guy with my jack and air hose which I quickly
retrieved.  I didn't return his bicycle though.

003jpg is a crew member last name "Slack",  I think that's "Justin" with
the goggles on in the background and standing.  The guy with the goggles
giving the peace sign I don't recall his name but remember he couldn't
drive a stick shift vehicle such as ours was.  Again at an unknown location
but must be safe since the ammo is out of the breach of the gun.
Sorry I don't have more information on these and the men involved but it
has been a long time.