Petroleum Transport-528th QM

from Joe Grillo

My unit was the 528th QM Petroleum Supply. We were a tanker unit of 5 ton tractors. We serviced I Corps area out of base camp in Phu Bai. We hauled to fire bases in Ashau Valley; Bastogne, Birmingham, Salley, Blaze, Carrol. We went as far as Quang Tri, Dong Ha, Phu Loc, and FBS Tomahawk. I was a gunner on a gun jeep and also drove tankers. We hauled Avgas, JP4, Mogas and Diesel. We also joined large convoys that hauled ammo, projectiles and other supplies. The 528th QM was part of the 26th Support Group during my time there from 3/69 to 3/70. For a Detailed Map of this area. [This is a very large file and will take a while]

Gun Jeep. Chopper pad somewhere near Camp Eagle. Cobra. I snapped this picture from the back of the gun jeep. This was in-convoy in Ashau around FSB Blaze. The guarding angel that saved us many times. I think the cobra was 101st.
I don't remember all the details but I remember that we had to come back for this one to get the fuel. This was in the area of Phu Loc near FBS Tomahawk. It was some trip back to base camp at night. Topping off at Tan My Estuary
Born to be Wild, my truck at Camp Eagle Topping off for convoy at Tan My Estuary
5 ton Tractor Gun Truck Art. I Corps. Don't know the dude's name
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