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Guntruck Pictures
Alphabetical listing
The Abortion
The Assassin 
Bad Hombre 
The Big Kahuna 
Blood Sweat and Tires 
The Boss 
Bounty Hunter
Cold Sweat 
Original Cold Sweat
Corps Revenge 
Devil Woman 
Devil's Kid 
Dirty Bitch
Dr. John
Duce is Wild 
Good Bad and Ugly 
The Hawk 
Ho Chi's Hearse 
Iron Butterfly 
Iron Playpen 
King Cobra 1971  
King Kong 
Little Respect 
Love Peace 
Mighty Minnie 
The Misfits 
Nashville Rebel 
Poison Ivy 
Psychotic Reaction 
Rebel Rousers 
Satan's Chariot 
Southern Gentleman 
Steels Wheels II
Stepping Wolf 
Vengeance is Mine 
White Lightning
Woom Doom 
Yea Olde Warlord 
Guntruck and Convoy related pages in the order received. 
Cold Sweat and Duce is Wild, Kings of the Road Convoy Pictures from Rocky Zimmerman 
Satan's Chariot and The Misfits from Larry Agee  
The Assassin at Khe Sanh from Jose Garcia
The Boss and Poison Ivy from Larry Agee 
Mavrick and Devil Woman from Larry Agee  
Cold Sweat jr. and Good, Bad and Ugly from Charles Sims  
Blood Sweat & Tires and King Cobra from Larry Agee  
Stepping Wolf and Little Respect from Larry Agee 
Mighty Minni from Charles Sims  
Nancy from Charles Sims 
The Southern Gentleman from Charles Sims  
Psychotic Reaction from Charles Sims  
The Tennesseean from Charles Sims "Duce is Wild" 
Yea Old Warlord from Charles Sims  
Woom Doom from Charles Sims  
Satisfaction from Charles Sims 
Pandemonium from Charles Sims  
Iron Butterfly from Charles Sims  
Rebel Rousers from Charles Sims 
The Big Kahuna from Charles Sims  
Ho Chi's Hearse from Charles Sims 
Iron Playpen from Charles Sims 
Kings of the Road from Charles Sims  
POL Convoy Pictures from Charles Sims  
Corps Revenge, Nancy, Bad Hombre, Nashville Rebel, The Hawk, King Kong. The Big Kahuna, Vengeance is Mine, Devil Woman from Bob Gordon 
King Cobra 1971 from Wayne Wasilewski  
Love Peace, Duce is Wild, Kings of the Road from Robert Zacharias 
Protector, Justifier and Devil's Kid from Jose Garcia and Paul Bader 
Dirty Bitch from Eugene Strecker
White Lightning from Robert Byrd

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