We Morn the Passing of our Founder and Past President

Dear Jim and the ATAV,
Our cousin Michael has a terminal kidney cancer and after speaking to his wife, I decided to take a trip and spend time with them.  Michael is a vet, and his wish was to be present for Rick interment ceremony at Arlington.  His doctor advised us to have the ceremony sooner than later.  Fortunately we were able to make the substitution.
We were at Arlington yesterday and were appreciative and proud to have Rick honored in a very impressive ceremony.  There were 40 to 50 military men taking part to honor Rick and his service.  Casket team, color guard, firing party, a full escort platoon, military band, military chaplain and a horse drawn caisson.  The caisson was pulled by 4 rows of beautiful gleaming back horses.  Three rows of two horses and one row of three horses, two with riders and one rider less horse.  The band, the gun salute and the playing of taps along with the folding and presentation of the flag was an emotional and proud moment for me and for the man I love SGM Richard L. Phillips.
His urn is located in Columbarium Court No. 6  Sec.00  Stack 17  Niche 3.
Thank you all for your continued support, you have been a important and welcome support for me.