Guntrucks Moving Out
8th Transportation Group

by Tom Szwec



Gallery of Guntrucks and Gunboats at Cha Rang and Qui Nhon
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Guntruck 856


Ball of Confusion





Devil Womans Daughter


Convoy Lining Up

Ho Chi's Hearse

King Cobra

Little Respect

Little Respect

Mr. Bogangles



Poison Ivy

Sir Charles






Red Baron

Red Baron


Vengence is Mine



Vietnam – April 1, 1970 – April 21, 1971

 I was drafted into the Army in September, 1969 (before they had started the lottery number system). Did my basic training at Fort Dix, N.J. and then on to Fort Gordon, Ga. for Signal School.

 Received orders for Vietnam, took my 30 day leave and then left Maguire Air Force Base, N.J. to Seattle, Alaska, Hawaii, Japan and then Vietnam. What a long ass trip that flight was, I believe the airlines name was Flying Tiger Airlines. Notice the date above. April Fool’s Day. I was thinking “what a joke”.

 Processed thru Bien Hoa/Long Binh and then took a C130 to Qui Nhon. I stayed there for about a month because they did not have any openings in signal. I was a 72 Bravo Comcenter Operator. So they put me in the post office sorting mail and selling money orders. So I imagine that I probably handled some of your mail. I also took several Huey trips to Tuy Hoa to set up a remote post office there. They had a nice beach, but there  were too many Huey mail drops/pickups out into the bush. Names like LZ English and different hill numbers/locations that I can’t remember after 38 years still remain in my memory. Some were hot LZ’s, others were not.

 I was finally assigned to a Signal Maintenance Platoon for the 5th Maintenance Bn., Phu Tai. There, I at least was in a signal platoon repairing radios and telephones. I spent a lot of time on guard duty (day/ night) so I got to take some pictures of the traffic on the road from the guard tower. I probably repaired some of the radios on the gun trucks on this site. Usually a radio was brought in and dropped off to be repaired, so it could have been off any vehicle in the area.

 I remember one time when some MP’s brought in a radar detector to have repaired. I couldn’t believe it, radar detectors in Vietnam, well we messed around with it in front of them for about ½ hour and then told them that we were going to deadline it as we couldn’t find any parts for it. Ha, Ha, no way were we going to fix it so they could give GI’s speeding tickets.

 By October 1970 I was in Charang Valley off of Hwy 19  in another maintenance company as the 5th had disbanded, I believe it was the 86th Maintenance Bn. Again more guard duty but this time I took a lot of pics of guntrucks passing by on the way to An Khe  or Pleiku or back to Quin Nhon from those locations.

 I also visited Phu Cat AFB while I was in Charang Valley. Those Air Force dudes really had some nice facilities. Their club looked like it came out of a NY bar. Many a weekend was spent there (made friends with an Air Force Supply Sgt.) getting loaded. They had vehicle radios like we repaired so the parts trading was the way to go.

 Left Charang Valley in 1971 to go to Cameron Bay for out processing. ETS’d out of Ft. Lewis, Wa in April 1971.