ATAV Picture Bank

Lots of pictures of TC units in action. Some may be used in additional web pages to be developed. You are welcome to browse through them all and send your comments to Ralph Grambo or write them in the guestbook.

From the ATAV Yahoo Photo Albums

Guntruck Pictures

605th TC ADS from Angelo Narduzzo

Pictures from Armin Schmalz. Some of these will be used on a page we are preparing on TC support of riverine operations. Pictures have not been enhanced for viewing.

LCM8 Side View Drawing
LCM8 Top View Drawing
a20 105mm firing from an LCM6
a21 view from the ramp showing blocking and sandbags
a22 view showing how the boat was beached for firing
a23 another firing shot
a24 setting up the shells in the well deck
a25 another view of the artillery crew
a26 civilian carpenter
a27 artillery boat underway
a28 one more round on the way to give charlie a headache
a29 Armin Schmalz on the boat
a30 LCM8-Armin-Beach outside entrance to Cam Ranh Bay
a31 Cam Ranh Bay N.C.O. Club
a32 LCM8 Maintenance Boat

The links to pages below provide pictures that have not been processed or enhanced. Some of these pictures need to be identified as to location and time if possible. If you want to make comments use the guestbook and refer to the picture by the number below.

Picture Link Description
sz1 LCU1508 completely out of the water, along a canal
sz2 LCU1508 and crew
sz3 Loading a railroad locomotive on an LCU with a floating crane
sz4 LCM crew, PBR, unknown location
sz5 Ben Tri, LCU1556, Saigon riverfront?
sz6 Vietnamese civilians, Vinh Long and Vung Tau
sz7 Junks or Ghe
sz8 Junks or Ghe, civilians, unknown location
sz9 Ben Tri
sz10 LCM6, PBR, Ben Tri
sz11 Bar or club, Blown Bridge, Derelict
sz12 Riverfront?, street vendor, Buddha
sz13 Unidentified locations and LCU
sz14 LCUs at sea and being towed
sz15 Airboat, Mike boat and Cobras
sz16 LCU1508 Y-tanker unidentified scene
sz17 unknown army sailors
sz18 LCU1578, riverbank, LCUbeached with bulldozer
sz19 LCU1578 with rocket damage
sz20 LST LCU loaded with ammo
TERMINAL A group of pictures related to cargo operations at Newport, Cat Lai, Saigon and Danang
610th Trans Company Group of Pictures from Tom Adams
140ft Army tug
LARC LX Huge Amphibian

Photos from Fred Probst