The idea of establishing an Army Transportation Association, Vietnam was conceived by Richard L. Phillips back in 1982 after he attended the Vietnam Veterans Memorial dedication in Washington, DC.  The year before he arranged to meet with four buddies, he served with in the 125th TC, and they accompanied him to the dedication of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in November, 1982.  Rick  had been in Saigon, Vietnam during 1966 - 1967 with the 125th Transportation Command who operated the port of Saigon. Over the years, he worked on compiling names of other Army Vietnam veterans in the Transportation Corps, all over the United States through the internet and by word of mouth. 

In 1992, the Association finally was officially established as the 4th Transportation Command Association and started publishing an Association Newsletter called The Trident, in 1994.  The Association's first reunion was held in July 1994 in Williamsburg, VA in conjunction with the annual Transportation Ball at Fort Eustis, VA.  The Association had grown to 125 members at the time of the first reunion.  It was decided to hold Association reunions every two years.  At the next reunion in July 1996 in Newport News, VA the name of the Association was changed to, Army Transportation Association Vietnam (ATAV) to more properly encompass veterans who had served in all Army Transportation units in Vietnam during the period 1960 - 1975 and not just personnel in the 4th Transportation Command in the Saigon area. 

In July 1998, the ATAV reunion met in Washington, DC and established a web site on the internet.  A Web master was added to the Board of Directors beside the President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary.  In October 1999, the Board of Directors approved an Association Seal and Membership pin that is sent to each new member when he joins.  In July 2000, the ATAV held its reunion in Las Vegas, NV with over 100 members and guests attending.  An Association Constitution and By-Laws were approved and the membership was expanded to include family members of deceased Army TC Vietnam veterans, and civilians who have an interest in Vietnam era Army Transportation, they become Associate Members, non voting.  The members also approved alternating the reunion each two years from west coast to east coast.  In July 2002, the reunion will be held in New Orleans, LA. 

The membership has continued to grow during the past ten years and now has approximately 500 members.  Many have heard about the Association through our web site, chat room and guest book on the internet.  The ATAV publishes a Newsletter four times a year and includes articles and photographs received from members.  Through out the ten years since the Association was started, Rick Phillips has been the driving force to expand the ATAV as President and founder of the Association.