Convoys, Guntrucks, 2nd Transportation Company
Picture Album from John Brown

I enlisted in the USMC in 1968 and was a driver by mos. In Vietnam with the
9th Motor Trans. Bn. 3rd Mar Div. I was trained as a 50 Cal gunner. All we
had were ring mounts and no armor. We operated all along the DMZ with convoys
and  provided security for the mine clearing teams. In 1970 I left the corps
and enlisted in the Army. By Oct 70 I was in Nam  with the 2TC, 27th Trans
Bn. I got there the day after Brutus was shot up bad at the bottom of Mang
Yang Pass.
I was a tractor driver for a couple of weeks then was assigned to the
Guntruck Plt as a gunjeep driver. I drove jeeps till we went north for Long
Son 719/20 in Feb. 71. When we got to Hue I became the twin 60 gunner on the
Maverick on our return to Qui Nhon I went back to my jeep for a short while
then moved to The Big Kahuna as the right 50 gunner. I left Nam in Oct 71 and
went to Japan and was the Heavy Truckmaster for the highway operations
branch on Okinawa till 1973. I returned to the states/ changed my MOS to 45K
Tank turret repair and spent the next 17 years in Direct surport Maint.
Units; 1st,2nd,8th Inf,2nd AR,1st Cav./Chief turret Maint. intructor, TAT,
Tunisia. /NCOIC of the M-1 Tank Turret repair course, Ft Knox/ Operations
Sgt, G-4 2nd Ar Div (fwd),  Retired 1990. Sgt First Class.

All 2tc Guntrucks and jeeps. early morning,QL1 outside of Qui Nhon waiting for the tractors to pick up their trailers for a run to Tuy Hoa Air Base. There will be one GT for every 5-10 trucks depending on size of convoy
with one Maint. Trk at the end. A Maint Trk was a GT with tires and a Maintenance person on broard. Their job was to stop with any vehicle that broke
down and get it back on the road or stay with it till a wrecker could get to

2nd TC Company Area. Looking from the GT Barracks. The 2tc was the only
unit to have all their GT's in a platoon with a Plt Sgt and Plt leader.

Two gunjeeps went with each convoy. A Sgt. in the lead jeep set the speed
and the convoy commander was in the other one at the rear. I was the convoy
commander driver most of the time

Highland Raiders, all weapons were test fired every morning.

SP/4 Brown, got rid of the shield real quick, to heavy

Can anyone help with the names of this crew, late 1970early71. All three
were killed by claymore type mine that was set on a high bank and fired down
into the firing box

Pump station 5, An Khe Pass

Convoy on QL19 entering the Mang Yang pass. The chopper is  our cover
while in the pass, will also cover us in the An Khe pass. The Gun Runners
gave us most of the air cover we had. Four years later in Manhien Ger. We had a Capt. who was the Maint. Officer of one of the tank Bn my unit supported
and he wore a gun runner patch  and wings, I told him that we had a crazy pilot who covered us that would come down on the deck and get Beer and Soda's from the Big Kahuna while we were running down the road at 50 mph. He looked at me and said yes, that was me,  Gun Runner 22.

Korean Quad 50 Passing our convoy on QL1 south of Qui Nhon

Pass coming out of Phu Tai Valley on QL1 going south to Tuy Hoa Airbase.


Same pass

Check point 88, Pleiku. The coke girls could get you anything you wanted.

Waiting, GT's spent alot of time doing this. In the upper left of the picture is a chain link fence around a fuel tank. It would keep RPG's from getting to the tank.

1 April 1971 our first convoy to Pleiku after coming back from Lam Son 719. This was the only big fight for the 2tc while I was with them and I
missed it. I should have been driving the jeep but went on sick call that morning. The driver and Lt. got out without a scratch,  RPG hit the left front
tire, you can see where the rim was flattened out. The Big Kahuna and Outlaw
were the GTs in the kill zone. The driver of the jeep was killed 2 days later
when he lost control after hitting a section of road that had be blown the night before.

SSG Lee, Plt. Sgt , Guntruck plt, 2nd TC

Some where in I corp during Lam Son 719

Raider's light Work, 3/4t GT

we did all repairs ourselves

Miniguns were hard to get but by 71 we had two on the Maverick and one on
Madam Pelee. we had to build our own mounts. the guns would operate off of the 24 Volt systems on our trucks. When they worked they were great but were

QL1 south of Qui Nhon near Tuy Hoa Air Base

Mavervick, Madam Pelee, Kahuna, 1971 at Camp eagle during Lam Son 719. We ran road security between Hue and Quang Tri most of the time. We did go to Khe Sanh a few times

Sgt David Boyd testing Maverick's 50..

Sp/4 Brown, twin 60's gunner on Maverick. Tan My ramp out side of Hue during Lam Son 719.

The Big Kahuna and Outlaw were APC hulls that had been gutted. they were
heavy and requried a very good driver but I never heard of one rolling over.


Thor was the only MP unit to run with us. They worked QL1 from Phu Tai to
Tuy Hoa.

This is Tire Boss/Madam Pelee the crew kept switching the name back and