Associates of the Vietnam Veterans of America

When the last Vietnam Veteran passes on The Vietnam Veterans of America's charter will cease to exist. The Associates of the Vietnam Veterans of America, (AVVA) was chartered to carry on our memories and issues important to us. The AVVA's membership consists of Family and friends of Vietnam Veterans. Vietnam Veterans are also allowed to join the AVVA as a non-voting member. The AVVA has it's own agenda and projects independent of the VVA and are responsible for their own funding. For more information on the AVVA go here:
To apply for membership to the AVVA go here:
Recently the AVVA in Texas became incorporated and Chartered. They were presented their charter at the February Texas State Council meeting of the Vietnam Veterans of America, see photo. From left to right, Percilla Newberry (State AVVA Treasurer), Marilyn Rose (State AVVA Secretary), Suzie Meeks (State AVVA Vice-President), Sandra Womack (State AVVA President), Mary Miller (National AVVA President), and Kathy Andres (AVVA Region 7 Director). Congratulations Texas AVVA.