Our Chapter has a Cane program in which we present a home made Eagle Head Cane here in Texas and whenever I am on the road to Disabled Veterans and Wounded Warriors. They are carved by Jim Rice and two of his friends. One of the pictures on here is of Jim Rice. He and I took a bundle of canes to the VA Hospital for the rehab section the young lady in the picture of Jim is the Doctor of the rehab. I think that it was ten canes we took her. The picture of the lady with the Air Force hat with no hair is special to me. She was a LT. in the Air Force during Vietnam and has cancer. Chemo took her hair. She came to our ATAV reunion with her husband who is a member. The Army Transportation Association Vietnam (ATAV) is an organization that I am also President of.  When I gave her the cane she got out of her wheel chair which you can see in the background and was able to walk around during the reunion. Some of the pictures are of me giving the canes to people in chapters to take back to their members who needed it such as the one to Buster Newberry to take back to chapter 404. The one I am giving to Lynn Kennedy, who has a group that gives cookies and drinks to the soldiers leaving and coming back from overseas, to give to the police woman that the terrorist major shot in the legs before she shot him at Ft. Hood Texas. One of Lynn's groups had left that area just an hour before that happened. There are some pictures on here of canes I gave to wounded warriors that Operation Comfort brought to Galveston for R&R from Brooks Army Hospital in San Antonio. One of the pictures is of me giving the former commander of the 2/5 Cav BN along with one of our prints when we presented the CAV Gold Star Families prints. The two people that help Jim Rice make the canes are James Skeen and Pat carriere.
The canes are not for sale. I have had Veterans How much they owe when I present them one and I just tell them they have already paid for it.
Jim Rose