The Vietnam Artwork of Roland Castanie
Roland Castanie is a Graphic Design teacher for Texas City High School in Texas City, Texas. His web site is at . Roland has been doing wild life and western art for some time and has done art work for Texas A&M university, Ducks Unlimited, and other organizations. In 2003 Roland noticed some of the activities that Galveston County Chapter 685 of the Vietnam Veterans of America was doing in Texas City. Roland's two Brother's in laws are Vietnam Veterans. Wanting to do something for chapter 685 Roland contacted one of the chapter's members and asked him for some of his Vietnam memorabilia. Robert Rodriguez gave him his boony cap, dog tags, and boots. Roland drew  "Job well done, Brother", copyrighted it, and presented it to the chapter. The proceeds from the sale of the "Job well done, Brother" prints are used to fund the chapters Robert Dale Spencer Memorial Scholarship. The original drawing is on loan to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial at Angel Fire, New Mexico. Roland has come to realize the healing effects that art has on Veterans and is now venturing into that field. "Don't mean nothin, Brother" and "He ain't heavy, Brother" are his next entries into veteran art. There are more to follow and prints of these drawings will be available for purchase in the future. Roland is an associate member of Galveston County Chapter 685 of the Vietnam Veterans of America.

Just another day in the "Nam"

Don't mean nothin, Brother

He Ain't Heavy, Brother

Letters from Home


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