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Corps Revenge, Nancy, Bad Hombre, Nashville Rebel, The Hawk, King Kong. The Big Kahuna, Vengeance is Mine, Devil Woman

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 Taken in Feb 69. Don't know the name, or unit of this guntruck, but this was taken near Ahn Ke.
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 Taken in Apr 69. "Corps Revenge" after it took a B 40 rocket in the driver's door.
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Taken in Sep 68. The Pleiku assembly area. From the left, the >guntrucks are "Nancy" (hard to see) a quad 50 from the 27th Bn, Bad Hombre(669th TC), Nashville Rebel (523 TC), The Hawk (512th TC), and King Cong (669th TC). 
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  Taken in Sep 68. 54th Bn guntruck King Cong going up the road on QL 1 on the way to Bong Son (LZ English).
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Taken in Apr 69. This is the first of the APC shells on a M54 chassis, The Big Kahuna, from the 27th Bn on their way to Pleiku just after they had crested Ahn Ke Pass. 
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 Taken in May 69. A MP V-100 pulling security on a "Clap shack" near Phu Tai. Seems like the MPs were always available for this kind security duty, because they never pulled any security for the 8th Group convoys.
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 Taken in Apr 69. These three photos were taken in the 88th TC motor pool in Ahn Ke. The guntruck, Corps Revenge, (523rd TC)had been hit in the driver's door with a B-40 rocket during an ambush several days before on the way to Pleiku.
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Taken in Feb 69. Vengeance is Mine (523rd TC) on QL 19 at the village close to the trun-off to the base camp at Ahn Ke. 
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 Taken in Sep 68. 54th and 27th Bn, 8thTrans Group assembly area on the east side of Pleiku. The gun trucks and control vehicles waited here while the cargo trucks dropped thier loads. The young lady, whose name was Mai, was one of the ever present "Coke" girls. The gun truck in the background is Nashville Rebel from the 54th Bn.
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 Taken in Apr 69. Not sure of the name of the guntruck, but it may be "Devil Woman" from the 523rd TC. This was taken going down Ahn Ke Pass, going toward Qui Nhon.
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 Taken in Sep 68. 54th Bn, 669th TC guntruck "King Cong" going through one of the several villages on the way to Bong Son.