Cam Ranh Bay and Vung Tau Photos from Darryl Graney, Australian Army.


As promised a few more as they come off the press.

1.The U.D. Page on South Beach - Cam Rahn in Nov-Dec 1967. (UDPage.jpg)

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2.The beach and Bar-B-Q (Cookout?) area at Tiger Lake in mid 1971. A few beers sunk here thanks to the bus provided by one of your Tpt Coys.(TigerL.jpg)

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3.South Beach - Cam Rahn in 1967. This ones not much chop, I had to do a fair bit of adjusting to get it this far. (SBeach.jpg)

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The bloke who used to drive us out to Tiger Lake was Bob Emrick from Racine Wisconsin, some of the others I remember were Dave Ledderer from Tennesee (he lived just over the heeull from Stupifyin' Jones and Lil' Abner) and Farrar from Tampa Bay. There were quite a few others, it would be great to see those blokes again. I have a fair few shots of PBRs but I don't know if they are army or navy, some in the Saigon area the rest in the delta. If you want I can send them to you and you can sort them out for me and use them anyway you like. Well mate that's about it for now, a good site for Aust Vietnam Vets is:- it might be worth a look if you haven't already done so.

Regards Darryl

Vung Tau

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