End of the Guntruck Era

Picture album from Mark Van Ryzin 597th TC

cold sweat

Little Respect                            
The Misfits
Devil Woman
Cold Sweat
Blood Sweat Tires
Satans Chariot
The Big Kahuna
King Cobra
Sir Charles
Poison Ivy
Stepping Wolf
The Boss
Minigun on Guntruck  
Minigun Firing  
Mark Van Ryzin in the Outlaw  
Mark in the Box of the Outlaw  
Twin 60s in Cold Sweat  
Inside the Box of Cold Sweat  
Lots of Firepower  
Misfits at Qui Nhon   
Firepower in Poison Ivy  
Maverick at Quinhon Trucks parked after 2nd Trans Stand Down at Qui Nhon  
Poison Ivy after stand down
Burned out POL tanker 1 RPG round wnet through the nose of tanker. Driver had 3rd degree burns on head, neck and back. Drove truck while in flames off road so convoy could keep moving.    
Burned out Tanker 2
Burned out tanker 3
Large Picture of Blood Sweat and Tires