From Michael Robinson

115 Alhambra

Sedona, AZ 86336

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Some of this material was printed in the ATAV Newsletter.  Michael's Letter is shown here along with his two pages of pictures showing this type of guntruck, convoy and his personal notations. If you can help Michael with more information please write to him at the address above.

I'm searching for personal information on the unit to which the hard-trucks, "peace", "Liberty", and "Freedom" were attached.  Their huge graphics about 3'x 8' were painted of stars and stripes in red, white and blue on the sides of the armor plated steel bed.  These trucks, deuce and a halfs were for convoy support from Cam Ranh Bay to various long haul destinations under the 124th Transportation Command.

I am especially interested in the time period of about Jan-Mar 1971 when our convoy was cut in two by a mine in the road on a narrow mountain pass [Duc My?] even with the protective cover from two helicopter gunships from above.  At least one boy was killed with only two weeks remaining on his tour in Vietnam.  Half a dozen vehicles were crippled and had to be destroyed and abandoned on the spot, and we were turned back home.

I was a volunteer machine gunner on the company commander's jeep, [ a short stocky Italian from New York with a name sounding similar to Michael Teduchi].  After the road at this spot had been repaired a couple of days later we tried again and were successful, [ to Ban Me Thout or Da Lat].  But it was a different convoy commander, a first lieutenant.  I'd appreciate any information on any or all of the above.

[Although Michael Robinson describes these guntrucks as deuces "Liberty" looks like a 5 ton to me.  The jeep bumper displays S &T so the CO was probably from the Americal Division. R.G.]